UV Protection Window Film

Pentagon International’s window film product can be installed to your existing glazing to block 99% of UV rays and protect against sun damage and fading.

Although we love plenty of natural sunlight filling our property, those sun rays also carry a destructive nature to them in the form of Ultra Violet radiation. These UV rays can break down materials and dyes in common products causing sun damage. This type of film is often referred to as museum or gallery film because it is used on areas where clear glazing is necessary, such as retail stores to offer an upgraded protection to the internal items.how window film protects against sun damage

Fading can be an expensive problem for many businesses and although they are the primary cause, ultraviolet rays are not the only cause of fading. As you can see from the pie chart shown, UV rays contribute only 40% to the fading problem with heat and light contributing 25% each. The final 10% is caused by other factors such as indoor lighting, humidity and poor quality dyes in the materials.


We offer our completely clear Pentagon UV Guard product which is ideal for glazing that cannot be changed whatsoever, or we can combine our UV rejection technology with our solar control films. Our Pentagon Inframax70 & 50 are often used for retail stores as they still allow clear views both ways for product displays while also blocking heat gain.

With worldwide experience and operations we are able to help solve your glazing issues no matter the size of your building. Our highly knowledgeable consultants are on hand to advise on suitable product options, while our installation teams are trained to the highest level and used to working with minimal disruption in all types of project environments.

For full details on our range of UV blocking solar films and further information on how they can best suit your requirement, please get in contact by filling out a contact form or calling us direct on (+971) 4 881 3177. We look forward to working with you.