Smart Glass / Smart Film

img_stepsSmart Glass and Smart Film have the ability to change glass from clear to opaque (frosted) in the switch of a button. We are offering this unique product to our clients having chosen the highest quality manufacturer in the market.

Smart Film OFF

Smart Film ON

Instant Privacy Protection: Control the transparency of your window by simply turning the switch on or off. No need of curtains or blinds to have privacy in your home, office or anywhere else.

Display/Advertising: In the off mode, smart films are best for projecting images or videos onto it. Thus provides digital advertisement.

UV/ Solar Protection: Smart film/glass blocks more than 98% of UV rays which are major causes of skin cancer and of the discolouration of wall and furnishings.

Durable and reliable: Long life, hygienic and low maintenance with the longest warranty available.

We have installed our smart film and smart glass products all over the Middle East region, some examples of these project uses are as follows:
Privacy Windows for Homes and Offices / Entrance Doors for Buildings and Offices / Curtains / Privacy Panels for Meeting Rooms / Rear Projection Screens of Meeting Facilities / Security Windows for Businesses / Counter / Display Windows, Information Screen / Promotion / Advertising Screens / Light Control Windows Dressing and Fitting Room Doors, Bath Room / Rest room Partitions

Smart Film:
Our Smart Film is the ideal retrofit solution to add this technology to your existing glazing. Applied using static cling, this thick film is custom cut to size

in the factory before being expertly installed at the project site by our trained Smart Installation team. We offer assistance with wiring into existing electrical systems, providing a full package for our clients. This material can be removed easily and transported to another site without issue or damage.

Note: The finished quality of smart film installation also depends on the quality of the existing glazing – scratches and imperfections will show up once the material has been installed therefore we recommend installing only on pristine surfaces.

Smart glass:
Smart Glass is the full package of glass plus our Smart Film pre-laminated in between the glazing panes offering you a flawless installation with additional protection for the smart film material. Again, the glass is produced to exact size and laminated in the factory before being sent to the project site for installation by an approved glazing contractor. We will assist with the wiring and integration to an existing electrical system. The Smart Glass package offers a much tidier installation as wires can be easily hidden in the glass frame and kept out of sight.



For full details on our range of Smart Glass / Films and further information, please get in contact by filling out a contact form or calling us direct on (+971) 4 881 3177. We look forward to working with you.