Security Window Film

Glass windows and doors can often be seen as a building’s weak point when it comes to security, our high grade security window films can provide an additional barrier to protect against forced entry, vandalism and provide you, the building owner, with peace of mind.

Available in a range of certified grades, Pentagon International’s safety & security films are installed onto existing glass windows and doors in order to withstand heavy impact, serving to slow down or deter intruders, offer protection from storm damage and provide protection against accidental damage.

In the event of breakage our security film will hold the glass together, keeping the broken fragments in the frame, making it hard for potential intruders to obtain access to your premises. By ensuring the glass breaks in a safe fashion, an application of security film also provides a safety solution by preventing broken glass fragments from spreading into interior areas, with the containment solution making the glass easy and safe to dispose of.

Security film is available for both internal and external installation and can also be combined with other film products to offer additional benefits such as heat rejection, glare, fading and privacy.

With worldwide experience and operations we are able to help solve your glazing issues no matter the size of your building. Our highly knowledgeable consultants are on hand to advise on suitable product options, while our installation teams are trained to the highest level and used to working with minimal disruption in all types of project environments.

For full details on our range of safety & security films and further information on how they can upgrade your glazing, please get in contact by filling out a contact form or calling us direct on (+971) 4 881 3177. We look forward to working with you.