Privacy Window Film

In a world full of glass created to ensure clear, bright working environments, there is often a need for additional levels of privacy. Our decorative & solar films can increase privacy in variable ways to suit requirements such as high security areas and meeting rooms.

There are primary ways that window film can offer privacy:

  • Full time two-way privacy – nobody can see in and nobody can see out.
  • Daytime one-way privacy – nobody can see in but you can see out.

  • Daytime one-way privacy can be achieved with the installation of a highly reflective window film with the mirror surface appearing on the the brighter side of the glass, which is the external side during daylight hours. This produces the effect of a one-way mirror as external viewers will only see a reflection/mirror surface, whereas the internal viewer will be able to see outside clearly. As the film works on the light balance, a ratio of light to dark of 4:1 is necessary for the film for optimum performance which may involve additional lighting or film products to achieve an effect in internal applications.

    Two-way privacy is provided by films such as decorative frosted films or our solid colour vinyl products. Our frosting films give the appearance of glass etching and can be custom printed with different patterns, logos and designs to enhance your glazing while preventing vision both ways. These films also still allow plenty of light to enter through the glass but with an opaque finish making it ideal for meeting rooms and other high security areas.

    With worldwide experience and operations we are able to help solve your glazing issues no matter the size of your building. Our highly knowledgeable consultants are on hand to advise on suitable product options, while our installation teams are trained to the highest level and used to working with minimal disruption in all types of project environments.

    For full details on our range of privacy & decorative film options and further information on how they can add privacy to your property, please get in contact by filling out a contact form or calling us direct on (+971) 4 881 3177. We look forward to working with you.