Facility & Property Managers

Rising energy costs, green building regulations and social awareness are driving changes in building management – putting the focus on efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.  As a facilities or property manager you want to cut costs and enhance efficiency; what are the options?

Switching to energy saving lighting, improving the building insulation and upgrading air cooling units all present sensible choices. However, over half of a building costs typically comes from cooling, while 80% of heat build-up comes from solar radiation entering through the building glazing.

By controlling solar heat gain through the windows and reducing the cooling load, Pentagon International’s window films can effectively help your building consume less energy.  By filtering the sunlight, reducing heat, glare and harmful UV rays, our range of film products neutralise hotspots and keep interior temperatures more stable.  This means that the cooling system works less, peak demands is lowered and the air conditioning operates more efficiency – and inexpensively.

Direct savings are the result of lower energy bills while also prolonging the service life of HVAC equipment gives further long term benefits.

Typically the payback for a retrofit window film installation by Pentagon is under three years, with the instant comfort improvements benefitting the occupants from day one.  This means that your building is not only operating at a more efficient level, but is also more comfortable and appealing for occupants and guests.

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