Energy Calculations

The installation of the correct window film product can offer highly attractive energy savings. With the majority of a building’s energy bill due to air cooling, the reduction in solar heat gain entering the property will reduce the workload and maintain a more comfortable environment.

Pentagon International offer a unique energy saving calculation to provide our clients with a clear before & after comparison report, showing a clear reduction in cooling load and the associated money saved over a yearly period. Using exact weather data and 3d modelling of the building, we take into consideration existing glazing, shading, HVAC setup and weather data to product an accurate simulation. Our range of window film products ensure that we have an ideal match for every requirement which will block varying amounts of heat and glare without huge losses of natural light.

We offer multiple product choices so our clients can see the exact benefits of one product over another with a clear and easy to understand summary showing return on investment of usually under 3 years.

In order to create the energy calculations for our clients we need to gather an array of information about the building and current energy usage. We have prepared a questionnaire which contains multiple selections helping all your building departments easily enter the details collectively.

Using this gathered data and building drawings, our energy team create a 3d model of the building, adding in information gathered from the client and from our own glazing survey (type of glass, film to be installed, area of glazing.) This created building is simulated for a year using location based weather data to accurately predict the benefits – helping our clients make an informed product decision.

If you are interested in having your building calculation then please fill out a form on our CONTACT PAGE and we will get back to you for a consultation or call us on +971 4 881 3177.