Architects & Designers

Pentagon’s range of window film products presents a simple retrofit solution for upgrading performance and appearance of glazing.

Improvements in thermal performance often involve HVAC system components (chillers, fans, and motors) and envelope upgrades for better insulation and air-tightness of walls, roof, doors, and windows. Improving insulation of the glazing components to reduce exposure to solar radiation can reduce solar heat gain in summer.

Our window films not only offer an excellent ROI through energy saving but provide increased comfort due to the reduction of heat and glare and rejection of harmful UV radiation. Our Safety & Security films provide enhanced protection against the dangers of glazing in the event of accidental breakage, thermal cracking or glass failure.

When building residents or occupants suffer from glazing-related problems — even when the glazing units are in good shape — Pentagon window films upgrade both appearance and energy performance (heat gain, glare reduction) for the cost-effective alternative to window replacement.

Consider performance, safety, payback, and long-term value in your renovation project and let Pentagon International guide you through our range of products to help you specify the correct product for your requirement.

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