Energy Saving

Pentagon International’s range of energy-efficient window films filter solar transmission passing through existing building glazing to significantly reduce heat gain, meaning interior temperatures are cooler and HVAC systems have a lesser workload.

Typically over 60% of a building’s energy bill is based on air cooling; window films can effectively cut cooling costs by up to 30% meaning a very attractive payback period and significant yearly savings on bottom line costs.

Our knowledge in this area backed up by our project management experience has ensured we are unique in offering such a service to our respected regions. Our expertise is proven by our prestigious contracts such as the Dubai International Airport, the largest glazing enhancement retrofit project in the UAE to date.

We offer full building calculations which can accurately estimate the increased performance of your glazing after the installation of our window film products, this provides you with a report showing reduced consumption, ROI and anticipated savings. Read more about our building calculations in our building energy calculation section.

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