Salon Ink

 Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Client: Salon Ink
Requirement: Solar Control

Salon Ink is one of the largest beauty salons in Dubai with a very prominent location on Jumeirah beach road. Located in Beach Park Plaza, the salon is contained within two huge glass facades which although looked impressive, were also letting in a large amount of heat during the afternoon making the salon uncomfortable for both clients and staff.

We installed our Dual Reflective15 window film to ensure natural light was still going to enter the salon but without the negative effects of the sun such as heat and glare. With such a large facade we were able to use one of our darkest products without sacrificing light entering, this product blocks around 80% of solar energy and is the very best heat rejection product on the market (while still being a relatively light shade) Working at night over a weekend we completed the project with the end result being a significant reduction in heat.

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