“Glass Cancer”: How to mitigate the risks on your facade..


“Glass Cancer”: How to mitigate the risks on your facade..

A 2009 article by Glass On Web (link below) called spontaneous glass failure and nickel sulphide inclusions “Glass Cancer” which “…Though rare, the nickel sulphide inclusions are very troublesome and potentially dangerous when present in toughened glass. The reason for all the trouble is a delayed phase transformation in nickel sulphide. Nickel sulphide crystals have a high temperature and a low temperature form. The dense crystal form at high temperature swells on cooling to make a less dense crystal form at low temperatures..

The regions with the greatest risk are those with warmer climates such as the Middle East, Asia and Australia – where frequent newspaper reports can be found online of glass ‘falling from the skies’ in shopping districts or from high rise towers onto the street below. There have been cases of fatality and numerous close calls ending in serious injury to innocent pedestrians and customers.

Pentagon Filmtek offer a unique glass containment solution, combining the strength of safety window film with a customised anchoring profile. This can be effectively applied to overhead glazing in a number of forms/fittings, glass balcony/balustrades and regular vertical glazing both internally and externally for maximum protection. This quick video below demonstrates the achieved effects compared to regular toughened glass in the event of a breakage.

Our anchoring system that combines high performance Glass Containment Window Film with a mechanical Pentagon Filmtek Anchoring“clamping” solution to provide maximum levels of protection. Pentagon’s FT800 Window Film plus Pentagon Filmtek’s Anchoring System Helping to save lives, protect property and reduce injury.

Our products have been installed professionally all over the world with notable projects for the following clients:

– Waterloo Station (UK)
– Changi Airport (Singapore)
– Dubai Mall (UAE)
– Dubai International Airport (UAE)
– Bunnings Group (Australia)
– Many more.

To find out how we can help protect your property against this serious risk please CONTACT US via our Head Office +971 4 881 3177 or email info@pentagon-intl.com for further details.

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