Pentagon International specialises in the specification & installation of high quality glass window film products designed to upgrade existing glazing in commercial buildings in order to enhance safety, improve comfort and increase energy efficiency.

Having been present in the MENA, Asia and Pacific regions since 2007, we have completed projects for a large number of landmark properties and are widely considered the market leaders due to superior project management, combined team experience and our unique consultation services. Our head office is located in Dubai, UAE, with regional offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia offering global project capability.

Window film (also known as glass tinting) has the ability to improve comfort in commercial properties by reducing heat gain entering through the glass while still allowing plenty of natural light to enter. By upgrading the building’s glazing our products can also reduce glare issues, add privacy and protect interiors from sun damage by blocking UV rays. We are known worldwide for our complete bomb blast protection solutions and offer unique anchoring systems to mitigate the effects of such an occurrence. Our anti-shatter safety film products can protect property and human lives in the event of accidental breakage or spontaneous glass failure, while our security film helps protect businesses against the risk of burglary or vandalism.

At the forefront of the global environmental initiative, our expertise in energy saving upgrades allows us to work alongside Building Owners, Facility Managers, Engineers, Architects and Sustainability Professionals in order to consult on and complete full retrofit projects to improve cooling efficiency while reducing energy usage by up to 30%. Our unique building modelling calculations can provide our clients with an accurate assessment of the proposed enhancements with a typical predicted payback of under 3 years.

In addition to our standard glass window films, we also offer several other product lines such as our Smart Glass & Smart Film products which can change from clear to opaque by an electronic switch or remote control. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry innovation and continue to update our range of solutions for both our new and ongoing clients, adding to our Decorative film options including One-Way Vision solutions.

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